Who can apply for a Schengen visa?

Not everyone can ask for a Schengen visa, only non-members of the Schengen area whose countries of citizenship are not allowed to obtain a schengen visa.

Citizens of a country that need a visa to travel to the Schengen states are permitted to apply for a Schengen visa as long as they can get all the important documentation in order and have the financial means to sustain themselves during their stay to the Schengen zone.

The citizens of the following countries are required to have Schengen visa to travel;

Afghanistan, Gambia, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Oman, Algeria, Guinea, Uganda, Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Guinea-Bissau, Pakistan, Armenia, Guyana, Papua New Guinea, Palestinian, Authority, Haiti, Philippines, Azerbaijan, India, Qatar, Bahrain, Indonesia, Republic Of Central Africa, Bangladesh, Iraq, Democratic Republic Of Congo, Belize, Iran, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Russia, Bhutan, Jordan, Rwanda, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Sao Tome And Principe, Burma / Myanmar, Kenya, Senegal, Bolivia, Kirgizstan, Sierra Leone, Botswana, Kosovo, Somalia, Burkina Faso, Kuwait Sudan, Burundi, Laos, South Sudan, Cambodia, Lesotho, Sri Lanka, Cameroon, Lebanon, Suriname, Green Cap, Liberia, Swaziland, China, Libya, Syria, Comoros, Madagascar, Tajikistan, Congo, Malawi, Tanzania, North Korea, Maldives, Chad, Ivory Coast, Mali, Thailand, Cuba, Morocco, Togo, Djibouti, Mauritania, Tunisia, Egypt, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Ecuador, Mozambique, Turkey, Eritrea, Namibia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Nauru, Yemen, Fiji, Nepal, Zambia, Gabon, Niger Zimbabwe.

Citizens of Schengen state with citizens of countries that do not need a visa to enter the Schengen zone are not permitted to reside in the destination country for more than 90 days every six months without other legal authorization. The number of days authorized to stay in one of the Schengen countries should not exceed 90 days every six months without reasons for travel.

Additionally, you should keep in mind, the fact that you can obtain a Schengen visa for entry and stay for a certain period in a Schengen country does not mean you should apply to work in that country. It is advised you get legal authorization to work in those schengen countries.

At the same time, there are countries whose citizens also need an airport transit visa to change planes at an airport in a Schengen country. The lists of countries which are subject to the airport transit visa in the Schengen area are as follows:

● Afghanistan

● Bangladesh

● Congo (Rd)

● Eritrea

● Ethiopia

● Ghana

● Iran

● Iraq

● Nigeria

● Pakistan

● Somalia

● Sri Lanka

What makes Airport transit visa different from Transit visa?

Airport transit visa permits its holder to travel via the international zone of the Schengen country airport without entering the Schengen Country Area. While the transit visa permits its holder to move within the Schengen country by car, plane or train on the way to a non-Schengen country.

What will happen if I apply at the embassy/ministry of the wrong country?

Applying at the wrong embassy/ministry may result in visa denial, or the ministry where you applied will direct you to the right place.

However, this means you have lost time, energy and money applying at the wrong place. That is why you should observe where you are submitting your application.

What if my destination country does not have an embassy/ministry in my home country?

If there is no ministry delegate of your destination country to lodge a Schengen visa application, you will have to inquire with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home state.

Visa submission may have been externalized to one of the following:

1) The embassy/ministry/VAC of another Schengen country, to which your visa-processing state has outsourced visa submission

2) The embassy/ministry/VAC of your main destination based in a nearby country of your home country

Which are the easiest states to apply for a Schengen visa?

Some of the Schengen countries from which are the easiest to get a Schengen visa are Latvia, Iceland, and Lithuania.

Is it possible to apply for a Schengen Visa from a foreign state?

To apply for a visa to Schengen you must be either a national of the country you are in, or on a genuine residence authorization granted by that country. Most of the states do not approve Schengen visa applications from non-residents.