Where should I apply for an ETIAS?

Citizens of countries that do not require a visa to travel to the EU countries should apply for an ETIAS permit online.

ETIAS permits will be required for everyone, regardless of the purpose of the visit. You must apply for a permit not later than 96 hours before the trip.

The procedure will take place online using the official website or mobile application. According to the ETIAS website, it will take about 20 minutes to fill out a questionnaire. Only a passport will be required to apply for an ETIAS permit.

In the form provided, the applicant should fill in his/her:

  • Surname and name;
  •  Date and place of birth;
  • Citizenship;
  • Address of residence;
  • Parent data
  • Passport data;
  • Phone number;
  • Education and current profession;
  • Health status;
  • Criminal record information;
  •  Information about previous trips abroad and deportations from EU countries.

For those who, for various reasons, cannot fill out an application on their own, someone else can do it for them.

The ETIAS application will cost 7 euros. For people under the age of 18 and over 70 years old, the application is free of charge. You can also pay online.

ETIAS permit will be valid for 3 years or until the expiry of the travel document registered at the time of application.

Verification and Result of the online application:

Immediately after filling out the application and paying for the service, data verification will begin. ETIAS will verify information with the Schengen information system, data from the European Police Office, the European Registry of Fingerprints of Refugees and Illegal Migrants, as well as with the visa information system. Later they plan to expand the list of bases.

Those people whose answers do not raise questions at all will receive authorization in a few minutes. It is estimated that more than 95% of applicants will receive quick authorization.

If the system “raised the yellow flag”, ETIAS employees have the right to ask the traveler for additional information. In exceptional cases, they may even schedule an interview. Then the procedure will take up to 96 hours.

Those who have been refused this document will need to apply for a Schengen visa to visit Europe. If a traveler wants to stay in the EU countries longer than ETIAS permits, then it will be necessary to submit documents for a separate category of visas, where it will be necessary to indicate the purpose of a long stay in a particular country.

European travel authorization information system is not similar to the visa system.

ETIAS permit does not guarantee entry into the Schengen area. The final decision is made by the border officers. However, if there is no ETIAS permission, the traveler will be denied entry.

Applicable Fees:

At the end of the application, an application fee of 7 EURO will have to be paid by the applicants over 18. The fee is to be paid online via a debit or credit card. If the payment is rejected, your ETIAS application will be halted until you can pay the application fee.

If your ETIAS application is approved, you will get a reply directly via email in a few minutes. However, if your ETIAS application is not approved, you will have to wait approximately 72 hours before you receive a reply, so take care to apply in early.

Required Documents:

Since the entire ETIAS application process is online, you do not need the hardcopy of any document like you to do when you apply for a visa, which saves you a lot of time and money.

All you will need is a valid passport at the time you are arriving in Europe. The passport must have a machine-readable part on the page for biographic details.

Although not a general requirement, your passport may have an electronic passport sign or chip.

ETIAS Visa Application and Schengen Visa:

The ETIAS authorization is not a substitute for a Schengen Visa. ETIAS can only allow you to stay in Europe for 90 days, and it’s only available for visa-exempt countries only.

If a traveler needs to stay for an extended period or he holds citizenship not listed in the visa-free countries list he will need to get a different Visa, in this case, he should contact the embassy of the country he wishes to visit.