How to apply for an ETIAS visa?

Starting in the year 2021, those who wish to travel through the European continent and do not have an EU passport will need a permit to travel to Europe.

There are many countries not part of the European Union (EU), whose citizens currently have free access to Europe (Schengen area) without the need for visas.

There are currently 61 countries that are not in the EU but are visa-free.

The citizens of countries exempted from European travel visas are allowed to travel to the Schengen areas for a maximum period of 90 days. During the 90 days, these visitors are not authorized to work or study, but they can carry out tourist and business activities.

ETIAS means the European Travel Information and Authorization System. It is an online system that authorizes and tracks visitors from countries that do not need a visa to travel to the Schengen area. In some ways, it is similar to the US Electronic Travel Authorization System. (ESTA).

The ETIAS visa application form is completed online. Therefore, the applicant must have an Internet connection, a valid passport, and a card for payment nearby while filling out the form. Knowing that there is no physical document to submitted, the application will only take about 20 minutes.

To apply for the ETIAS visa, the applicant must have:

  • A passport that is valid (with minimum validity of 3 months)
  •  A credit or debit card to pay the visa application fee
  • An existing email address to which the visa will be sent directly if granted. Also, you will need to provide your biographical information:
  •  First name
  • Last name
  • Date, place, and country of birth
  • Full name of applicant’s parents
  • Nationality
  • Phone number and email address
  • Professional and educational background
  • General medical, travel and criminal history

The phases of ETIAS application                

Application process – When you have submitted your application online. It will be checked on VIS /EUROPOL /SIS /INTERPOL etc databases, the  rules for selection, and the European watch list. If the application submitted does not correspond to the information in one of these databases, the application will undergo a manual processing by the immigration authorities.

Application Decision – A decision is usually made by the ETIAS system within twenty minutes. If an application is confirmed, it will be issued for five years or until the applicant’s travelling document expires.

If your request is rejected, you will receive an email explaining the reason for the rejection. If the system detects any security threats or false information in your application, you will not be granted an ETIAS visa.

In this case, the system will receive an alert relating to your request and the form will be processed manually. The duration of the manual process is approximately 96 hours (four days) and a maximum of two weeks.

Boarding – The ETIAS visa can be used for business and tourism travel. This visa will be checked by flight personnel before boarding a trip by plane, car or ship. If the ETIAS visa is not confirmed, the traveler will not be allowed to board a trip.

Arrival in the EU – When entering the Schengen zone, the border guards will receive a traveler based on information from the ETIAS system, and travel documents.

Revocation and cancellation

If an application is known to have been submitted with fraudulent intent or if the applicant’s situation has changed, an ETIAS may be revoked if the conditions of approval are no longer met. Revocation or cancellation of ETIAS visa is made by the European Union Member State authorities that receives the applicant for the first time.

If I have a Schengen visa, do I need an ETIAS travel authorization?

No, if you have a Schengen visa, you do not need an ETIAS travel authorization. You can show your visa to the border authorities when you travel to a country in the Schengen area. If your visa expires and you meet the requirements, you can apply for the ETIAS visa.

How much will the ETIAS travel authorization cost?

The ETIAS travel authorization will not be a major expense. It is expected to cost only € 7 per request. This is only valid in the case of adults over 18 years of age.