How much is ETIAS?

The ETIAS permit does not cost very much. It is planned that the ETIAS will only cost €7 for each application. It only applies to adults over the age of 18; those under 18 do not have to pay any fees for the permit.

You can pay the fee directly through a debit or credit card. Immediately you have completed the payment; the ETIAS will start to process your application.

How long is the ETIAS valid?

If approved, the ETIAS permit will be valid for three years or until the end of the validity of the travel document registered at the time of the application. Whether you get the first or the second round of validity depends on the ETIAS evaluation of your information and the amount of risk you pose.

What documents do I need for ETIAS approval?

The only document you will need to apply for the ETIAS permit is your valid passport. Your passport will need to have your passport photo, a machine-readable passport, which is located under your passport photo and consists of two lines with numbers, letters, and symbols. The electronic passport chip is not essential, but would be an advantage. You can find this chip at the bottom of your passport cover.

What if my ETIAS application is not approved?

You will receive an answer to the status of your ETIAS application within a few minutes after applying. If approved, you will get the ETIAS permit. If not, you will receive a rejection message. In the rejection message, you will be given a reason why the ETIAS permit was not approved. You can appeal against this decision or adjust your application based on the reason for the rejection and try again.

How does ETIAS check my information?

ETIAS is connected to many databases that can check your information in a matter of minutes. It is, therefore, essential that all applicants give honest answers and do not give incorrect information. If you are caught sharing false information with the ETIAS, you will be denied the ETIAS permit. If your ETIAS is approved but you are later found to have invalid or incorrect information, your ETIAS license will also be revoked.

How long can I fill out the ETIAS application?

As mentioned earlier, the ETIAS application is expected to take only about 20 minutes. After the 10 minutes, you will receive a notification that your session has expired, and you may be asked to start over. To avoid this, go through the application carefully and save your information.

What if I can’t qualify for ETIAS?

Citizens of countries that can travel visa-free to EU countries can apply for the ETIAS. If you are not entitled to the ETIAS permit, it means that you are not a citizen of these countries. This means that you need a Schengen visa to enter the EU countries.

How often can I enter the EU with an ETIAS?

You can enter the Schengen member states as often as you like, as long as your ETIAS permit is valid, and you have not stayed longer than 180 days in 90 years.

Is ETIAS visa needed if I already have a long-term visa from one of the Member States?

Since a long-term visa issued by a Member State gives you the right to move around the Schengen area, you do not need the ETIAS permit as long as you hold the visa.

Do infants and children need ETIAS?

Every traveler, including small children and elders, must present the ETIAS permit upon arrival to the Schengen area before they are allowed to enter. However, people under 18 are exempt from the ETIAS application fee.

Can a travel authorization be revoked?

The ETIAS travel permit can be cancelled or revoked if the conditions for issuing the travel permit no longer apply or if the holder of the travel permit has violated one of the ETIAS rules.

What is the ETIAS watch list?

This is a list of data about people suspected of having committed a crime as terrorism. The ETIAS watch list is compiled based on information provided by European Union Member States and Europol.